A Country Treat BBC Upload Special

For the BBC Upload Festival, I recorded a special episode of A Country Treat On The Radio (which explains the intro and the fancy self-promotional credits at the end). BBC Suffolk played it as part of their pre-festival Upload show on Friday 19 June and afterwards, I had a chat with presenter, Jon Wright. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading – and listening! It’s always much appreciated. If you want to get in touch, please do so, or leave a comment below. Ax

2 thoughts on “A Country Treat BBC Upload Special”

  1. Hi Anna, loved this, I was on Uploads last night reading my story Spending a Penny in Southwold, I’ve written lots of daft stories about Suffolk, it keeps me sane during lockdown. I’ll take a look at your website, it’s beyond me which is why I call myself the analogue author.

    • Hi Sue, thank you so much for listening and for those kind words! Well done for also getting onto Upload, I’ll look you up. Keep writing! Ax


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